From you can buy products by either placing order online or directly contact vendor via phone call or email.

Via Phone call

  1. Call on given number with specific product details and ask to place order.

Via Email

    1. Send us an email at with product code, description given on website. We will confirm your order by e-mail reply containing order details.

  1. After deposit payment to bank account, send us payment details and deposit slip, if possible, on email with order id. We will process your order after confirmation of your payment.

Direct Order Online

    1. Online order processing is very simple. Go through the shop and choose the product you wish to buy.

    1. Then click on “Add to cart” button. Product will be added to your shopping cart. After add product to cart you can continue further shopping or proceed to checkout.

    1. Click on checkout button to proceed for final order placement and payment details page.

    1. Bank account details are given on checkout page and here also. Deposit payment to given bank account and send us deposit slip for early order process.

    1. Shipping charge may vary according to location. We will provide you payment amount after including shipping charge then proceed to payment.

    1. After confirmation of payment we process order and ship your products at address provided by you.

Bank account details:

Name: Radhika Bandhani Centre
Account Number: 25450200000231
Bank Name & Branch: Bank of Baroda, Bhuj Branch
Bank Address: Bhuj, Kutch, Gujarat, 370001

Thank you for shopping with us.