Radhika Bandhani Centre is a well known supplier of special Kutchi Bandhani. We are into bandhani manufacturing since 1989. Radhika Bandhani is owned & managed by Mr. Ghanshyam Ganatra and Mr. Denish Ganatra. They are highly experienced in design & manufacture of real Kutchi Bandhani.

The term `Bandhani` is derived from the word `Bandhan` that means tying up. It is an ancient art practice that is mainly used in the state of Gujarat. Some 5000 years ago Indian Tie & Dye or Bandhani was started. The district, Kutch in Gujarat is well known for producing dresses, sarees, dupattas and turbans in Bandhani / Bandhej. Speckled with tiny square shaped dots, textured with crinkled crease of fabric, dyed with vivid dramatic colors; bandhani or tie and dye of Gujarat attracts all the attention and admiration. Bandhani is considered as symbol of girlhood, love and marital happiness and has been an auspicious and significant part of wedding ensembles.